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What Do Celebs Wear

A big question that you might be asking yourself is ” what do celebs in your part of the world wear?” That is a fairly good question to ask for anyone. The reason being is that we would like to know what the high, mighty and famous are. If they happen to be any different from we simpler folks.

They are in fact hardly any different from us. They are no different from what we are – they have just risen through ranks of success. But they lives are as just as what we would like to be. With success comes security and with it being able to wear what pleases simpler folks like us to wear clothing.

The kind of clothing that the Celebs wear all is demanding of the occasion they are are in at that time of the moment. You would not expect them to wear ordinary house hold clothing for an Oscar occasion or vice verse. They same could be said of we simpler people. We wear clothing to what it deems merit. You could find out more of clothing lifestyle and what pleases them from Latest Celebs to get a comprehensive understanding of them.

But one thing that you can rest assured is that they would like to wear clothing that is comfortable and gay as clothing is a thing that what you wear would put you at easy. Hippie clothing has all the attributes of it and it can be got from our hippie clothing shop.

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Kathmandu Clothing

Kathmandu clothing is not the clothes worn in the valley of Kathmandu, Nepal but has a broader sense of the clothes made specially in Kathmandu to cater to the wants of stylish hippie clothes that are mostly worn by the tourist that happen to visit Nepal.

Kathmandu a Tourism Hot Spot

Since Nepal has much to offer in ways of tourism, where getting to any of the tourist destination in Nepal, one needs to come to the capital to start and finish off from Nepal. So, they are mainly confined to the tourist destination in Kathmandu, better known as Thamel.

It is here in Thamel where there are shops and hotels catering to the needs of the visitors. Most of the shops sell those swanky clothes much preferred by the visitors. They buy for themselves as well as to take back home to gift to others. Yet there are some who solely order or buy these clothes back home.

So since getting these clothes from Kathmandu, though most of the locals or the people don’t wear such clothing and prefer the modern western clothing, the name Kathmandu Clothing has been stuck to them.

The Flower Generation

This trend of wearing such clothing did not begin as of late, but start way back in the times of the flower generation where Kathmandu became a hot spot for both spiritualism and easy access to hemp. They then wore the queer clothes that was then anointed as hippie clothing. So that was the starting point of what can be termed as hippie clothes.