Black Patched Flowers Aladdin Trouser (12 pieces)

$ 222.00

Black Patched Flowers Aladdin Trouser:

  • Made from sinker cotton
  • Has patched flowers  in the front
  • Broad fold over elastic for the waist
  • Pair of pockets at the hips side
  • Elastic at the ankles
  • Black colour only
  • Must take 12 pieces of it
  • Price market is for 12 pieces

Sizes: Free size

Criteria for free shipping see side plus wholesale discount

Colour: Black only



Black Patched Flowers Aladdin Trouser is a pair of Aladdin trousers made from sinker cotton with patched on flowers and leaves to the front of it. It has broad fold-over elastic for the waist to hold the trousers there. It has elastic for the ankles as well. It is a very loose pair of trousers over the legging and falls to the folk of the front. It has a pair of pockets at the hips.


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