Squares Gheri Trousers

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Squares Gheri Trousers

  • Made from heavier gheri handwoven cotton
  • Has patch squares with thin stripes in each
  • Mystic block prints of Buddhism in some of the patches
  • Open at the ankles
  • Has a pair of pockets at the hip sides
  • Has elastic and tying strap at the hip for holding up the trousers

Sizes: Small to X-Large

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Squares Gheri Trousers is a pair of trousers made from patched squares of different shades. Some of the patched squares mystic Buddhist signs for warding off the evil. It is open at the bottom and loosely fitted on the legs. It has a pair of pockets at the hips and elastic and tying strap for the waist.

This Squares Gheri Trousers were traditionally worn for ceremonies and easy casual were mainly in the summer times at high altitudes and for herding yak in the lower pasture. It is made from a heavier handwoven gheri cotton.

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