Three Stripes Hemp Hat

$ 8.75

Three Stripes Hemp Hat:

  • Made from hemp
  • Has three different coloured stripes from dome of hat to the shades
  • All round broad shades with open ends
  • Inner cotton lining on dome of the hat
  • Fits all sized grown up heads
  • Nice hippie peasant look to the hat
  • Comfortable to wear


Three Stripes Hemp Hat is a hat for the head for protection from the glares of the sun and to get some amount of natural cooling with the hippie style in vogue. It is made from hemp with all round shades left open at the ends so as to give a burlesque peasant look to it. It has three natural coloured stripes running down from top to bottom onto the shades. It also has inner cotton lining in the inner side of the dome of the hat.


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